Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes its just gonna suck...for you.

I just KNEW it was lurking around here somewhere, watching me as I hummed about the house happy about writing in a blog like everyones been telling me I SHOULD do....It was stalking me. And it didn't even give me very long before BAM...writers block.

Its not even like my life stopped giving me amazing WTF moments. It didn't. That just has no checks and balances. My ability to write them down without making it sound like I need any (more) antidepressants however? Gone.

Thats alright though. I thought it through and I realized something important.

Sometimes Im just gonna have to suck. And y'all will just have to deal with it. Suck it up buttercup. Yall read worse crap on Facebook and [Like] it.

At any rate, Im still here in Texas. Im still up till 3 am before I pass out from sheer exhaustion. My kids are still trying to test the theory that stress causes cancer and possibly throw in cardiac arrest. Which reminds me... I think I need to padlock the patio door, and install a barbed wire perimeter above the patio walls. It never fails to confound me how toddler hands lack the dexterity to pull up their pants and yet they can somehow unlock/unlatch multiple doors.

I SWEAR I watch the kid closely. Ask my neighbor, Jen. She's a witness that we were BOTH in the girls' room when we heard familiar voices outside the window realizing both our preschoolers were no longer in the room. We had that brief movie moment where we look at each other, share the same thought...and we bolted outside. Her 3 year old and my 2 year old were running around in the yard behind my house, dog in tow.

Fool one adult, shame on their multitasking abilities. Fool two adults... maybe you got lucky. Fool your mom and your friend's mom...you have skills kid.

Speaking of the dog.

We first got Cerberus when he was 4 weeks old and living in a cemetery (hence the name).  Like any other kid, Iris has always wanted to take on some of the responsibilities of owning a dog. Since she was only 3 when we got Cerb, she wasn't able to do much for a while. In the past 2-3 years shes been slowly allowed to be responsible for watering, feeding, and as of late, walking him.

Why then have I been finding Cerb staring me down, visibly crossing his hind legs?

Whilst I wake her up in the morning and then return to find a snuggly toddler in my bed, her daddy takes her to school. Since Iris is rather dependable about getting herself sufficiently ready for school, I rarely stand around watching her. I just assume she does her morning chores like shes supposed to. After all, besides hygiene and getting dressed, she only needs to walk the dog.

Apparently thats one thing too many. Shoulda realized Cerb wasn't just simply gulping down all the toilet water in sight but rather hadn't been walked when he takes a minute long whiz.

Iris's reason? I forgot.

All week long.

I think im going to invest on a surveillance camera for the house.

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