Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sometimes I wonder who the parent is...

We had a 2 hour delay today due to 70 degree weather! Round of applause folks!

Texas...youre doing it wrong!

To be fair, we had some flurries yesterday evening here in good 'ol western Texas. I think maybe an inch of it stuck when I ventured out into it yesterday. With in 5 hours it had managed to melt, cause several car accidents, a two hour delay, and bridge closures.

As usual, I didnt get much sleep last night and though the delay afforded us some sleeping in...my children have built in alarm clocks. At precisely 7:30 am, Lil Bit and Big Sister both were up and at my bedside. I dragged my pillow and comforter to the general direction of the couch and made my squinty eyed way to the kitchen to prepare Aeva a bowl of cereal. As is usual I ended up staring at the coffee pot, wondering why it wasnt brewing me a mug. It takes me a while to realize .... i never remember to set it the night before. Someday...someday...

Bowl of some kind of cereal as peace offering for Aeva...I plop down on the couch and try to sneak in 10 minutes of sleep before Iris needs breakfast or Aeva throws something.

Have I ever told you how amazingly awesome these two kids are? No? You havent known me long enough.

I knocked the hell out. It was probably a good 30 minutes before I jolted awake panicking that someone was gonna set the house on fire, or worse...a neighbor would catch me sleeping on the job. What I did come to find was that Iris was dressed, had gotten her own breakfast, and was just finishing making her sister a sippy cup of juice (atleast thats what i think it was). Aeva had effectively climbed out of her high chair and come to sit on my legs while I slept.

Iris: You tired momma?

Aeva: SHH!! Momma sleepin'! Momma I sing: Some weah, over da (big pause) way higggghhhhh...an da *jarbble in the appropriate pitch and melody* dweam you dweam....

Iris: Momma shes singing you her lullabye

Me: Thats very beautiful Aeva, can you sing it again?

Remember when Aeva decided to try wiping her own ass in an attempt to get my attention? Ive been trying to not let it get that far again. So when Aeva, whom had been sent to fetch herself a pair of pants from my room came squealing "LADY BUG!!" .... i turned on my camera :)

Aeva: Dare is a LADYBUG in da ROOM!

Me: Show me

Aeva: NO...I scared.... (as she crawls into the desk cabinet and closes the door)

This is the 'ladybug'.

If you havent caught on by now, Aeva calls scary insects 'ladybug'. 
And thats a tangle of hair.

Brave child surprises me and swoops in yelling: "I get it for you momma!"

"EEk! Isa Lady BUGGG!"

"I frowe it away momma"

Ive always held that kids exhibit primarily that which they are taught through actions.  Its not what you tell them to do, or what say to them when youre 'instructing'. Its what they catch between the lines of your parenting. 
Compassion. Caring for others. Bravery. Family.

Somehow I think Im learning more about myself through these two blonde babes than through any self-help book that has been shoved my way in the past few years. 

You know what...NOW I know why Aeva calls bugs 'Ladybug'....
Her room has always been excessively decked out in ladybugs and dragonflies....trauma??

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